A Me-Made-May Recap

Ginger is a very helpful sewing buddy, as I'm sure you can imagine.  In this case, we were working on a vest.
I definitely exceeded my expectations for Me-Made-May.  
Transplanting eggplants in the basic black tanktop.
I made a vest that is pretty good, a patchwork dress that is awesome, and a v-neck top that is gall dang excellent, if I do say so myself.  Probably one of my best creations to date.  
This shirt is comfortable, modest-but-not-stodgy, and wonderfully tie-dyed.  I made it from the skirt of an old tie-dye dress.  This is a better incarnation for that dye job.
I also wore a me-made garment 30/31 days…forgetting on the final day of the month, as it would happen.  I wore 16 different me-mades, including some that hadn’t seen the light of day all year... or longer.  
Playing with Lacee's bunny in my Yellow Sheet Dress.
As expected, I relied fairly heavily on my stretchy-uber-comfy garments made of knit material—primarily the two basic tanktops I've made from my free Halfmoon pattern.  8/30 days saw me rocking one of these tanks, in fact.  
The squirrels bury so many black walnuts at our place it is nuts.  In the basic black tanktop.
Two of the three new creations this month were additions to this flexible, forgiving knit category.  Huzzah for finally building up this collection of me-mades!
Johnny doesn't help with the sewing as much as Ginger, but she had her paw in the vest project, too.
I also rocked my more-fitted cotton dresses in greater frequency than they’d seen of late.  
Matt bought us hammock chairs/sky chairs for my birthday.  Only the skirt of my Retro Curtain Dress is visible.  That skirt was the first thing I ever sewed--back at home with my mom.  I later added a bodice to make it a dress.
I realized I could layer over them with a longsleeve top and really change up my options/look--and mask the fact I think they're all just a little too form-fitting right now.  That was a cool wardrobe discovery.  Typically I’d wear a long sleeve base layer under the dress instead.  I like the variety that comes with flip-flopping that layering arrangement, as it turns out. 
The peach tree in bloom as I model my DMB Gorge Dress.  This is the first year the tree has made fruit.  They're the size of an unshelled almond right now.
This weekend I will finish up a third basic tanktop.  It is an upcycled job using an old family reunion t-shirt from my mom.  
Rocking my vest--a self-drafted pattern based on a favorite vest--at Dover Park.


  1. I love them all...the tie=dyed v-neck is my favorite...
    ~Have a lovely day!

    1. I am SO pleased with how it turned out! I'm going to make another one.



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