Stuff Found While Cycling, Part 2

When I wrote about all the random (and often useful) stuff that I find while cycling I didn't intend to write a follow-up.  But then the finds just kept outdoing themselves.

Morning time ride. 9/16/2022

A few weeks after posting I came across an adorable grey-haired lady who had a table set up at the end of her driveway with an array of free dishes.  She even had silver platters for the taking!  The only thing that came home with me though was a quartet of wee juice glasses.  They have a raised, art deco, nature motif going on.  They're so very thin that they feel like nothing at all.   Undoubtedly these delicate glasses won't last long at our place, but I will enjoy them while I can.

One of the cute little glasses.  9/24/2022

Then, a few weeks after that, I spotted a bonanza of cat stuff.  The three scratching posts lined up in a row on the sidewalk snagged my attention.  I didn't need a scratching post, but I did come home with a bunch of other cool cat stuff.  The coolest of which was a set of Doc and Phoebe mice.  These are intended to replace a cat's food bowl and satisfy some of the instinctive feline drive of hunting for food.  We don't use ours for meals, but I DO make the girls work for their treats now.  Johnny has been a whiz, basically since day one!  Ginger still doesn't really get it.  It is so fascinating to watch how differently they approach the "problem."  This is a product I'd never heard of and would never have bought...but on the curb...for free...that's another story.

Treat time!  9/26/2022

The find that really cemented the need for a follow-up post though was the 45-inch TV.

Ginger giving the new TV the sniff test.  9/24/2022

Matt and I were cycling back from Farmer's Market last weekend.  We were talking about this and that.  Matt mentioned re-purposing the tie-dye workshop since we're scaling back on our tie-dye side hustle.  He suggested making it more multi-purpose art studio, specifically that we could do our Bob Ross oil painting in there with less stress since there's no carpet, etc.  He mentioned that we'd have to buy a second television though, so we could still follow along with the Bob Ross videos.  Less than two minutes later what do we see at the curb, but a TV!   The timing was truly nuts.

We continued cycling home--though Matt did crack a joke about trying to carry it between us on the bikes--and said if it was meant to be it would still be there when we returned.  We got home, hopped in the Jam Jar, drove back...and it was still there.  So we loaded it up and took it home.  Our Bob Ross Destiny Studio Reboot TV.  

If anything, it might almost be too big.  But, when we casually muse and the Universe immediately can we really complain?

Matt almost bowled these turkeys over on his bike.  He seemed more startled than they were though.  9/24/2022


  1. Utterly epic!!! I love the glasses, the cats have a treat and that Bob Ross studio sounds utterly cool - serendipity for sure ❤️

    1. Incredibly serendipitous! As a follow up: Yesterday Ginger watched Johnny (I swear!) and then started using some of Johnny's tricks for getting at those treats. She's learning! It is so funny to watch.


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