JamJar Update: Window Shield Upgrade

We went camping with my sister and her partner in July.  Jason has a Toyota FJ rigged out to be a mini-RV akin to the JamJar.  He bought some thermal window shields from Etsy that were quite similar to the ones we'd made--with one notable refinement.  They had attached suction cups to help them stay put in the windows.  It was so simple and genius.  I knew we had to have the same.  

Initially, our DIY window shields worked flawlessly.  After being used (and shuffled around with our camp gear) for going on two years though they had lost a lot of their inherent rigidity and started falling out of the windows at night.  The rear window was the worst offender.  It was basically useless on the camping trip with Lisa and Jason.  And let me tell ya...that back window lets in a lot of morning sunshine.

So, after a trip to the craft store (for grommets and cord) and the hardware store (for suction cups) Matt and I tackled this upgrade.    

Huzzah for version 2.0 of the window shields!  May they serve us even longer than the first version!


PSA:  Adding grommets is not nearly as hard as one might think.  If you can poke a hole and swing a hammer...that's pretty much all there is to it.


  1. Hi Beth,
    ...I think that is so AWESOME!...we used to camp in the back of our pickup...it had a topper...and you're right about that back window...this is so handy to be able to just take it down and stow it for traveling...you know...when you want to be able to see out your window...
    ~Have a lovely day!


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