A Hibiscus Update

For the month of December, our hibiscus was relocated to our guest room/library to clear a space for the Christmas tree.   When I moved the hibiscus back to the front room I decided to give it a haircut.

A scene from the day after Christmas.  Ginger isn't a huge fan of the Nerf darts that Matt received from my cousin.  Matt sure is though!  12/26/2023

Because it had, indeed, hit the ceiling and was so terribly tall and spindly.  Hoping to encourage the growth of side branches and a general more-bushyness-less-height, we snipped off the top couple of feet (i.e. "topped" it).  I couldn't resist taking that top bit and popping it into some water with my other cuttings.  Maybe I'll end up with two home hibiscuses.  (Or "hibisci," if you prefer....Hahahaha.)

The big hibiscus really looks better now.  It fits in the space better.  It looks healthier.  Matt and I have occasionally struggled with pruning--both indoors and out.  When a plant seems to be flourishing with vigor, it feels wrong to hack away at it.  Pruning really can be a beneficial practice with many plants though--from apple trees and grape vines to indeterminate tomatoes and sprawling squash plants. I'm hoping that's how it turns out with the hibiscus.  More side growth, less height growth.

(Note To Self:  Prune and re-stake the grape vines this year.)
A hibiscus of slightly smaller stature returns to its place in the livingroom.  1/9/2023

I primarily wrote this post to record that the hibiscus finally stopped producing flowers the week of Christmas.  It had been making flower buds continuously since June.  I'm not sure if it finally called it quits because of the change in its location or not, but I suspect it might be the case.  There is a lot more sun in the front room.  

I was quite impressed!  It was a fabulously prolonged flower bonanza!  I'm curious to see how my hibiscus project progresses this year.


  1. I think it might work to say "two hibiscus", as is. Sounds right to me! (for what that's worth, haha)


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