He Flew To Me

Sunset over Lake Yellowstone.  Photo credit to Zeb.  6/30/23  

"When there was no ear to hear, you sang to me."

Matt encountered a modern-day dinosaur (okay, okay....it was an Emu) at Jesscy's farm.  6/24/23
I've alluded to it before, but I was turning my life into a minor dumpster fire when Matt and I met (at work).  I have no idea how or why he saw the beautiful me through all the chaos, but...he did.  I'm so terribly thankful.  All the more so because he once told me that he never really had girlfriends since they seemed like a lot of work based on what he'd observed with his friends.  

Matt was excited to celebrate paying off the mortgage.  Can you tell?!?  He bought a new variety of the "fancy" gin that I love to mark the occasion.  5/31/23

There is an achingly beautiful song by the Grateful Dead called Attics of My Life.  It is a love song, but a perhaps unusually discordant one.  When I hear it, I think of Matt and my eyes grow moist with emotion.  Attics of My Life makes my heart swell and soar.  

Dancing to Railroad Earth with Matt at the Pine Creek Lodge made me maniacally happy.  Photo credit to Jason.  6/29/23

"When I had no wings to fly, you flew to me.  You flew to me." 

We love sparklers and friends and Independence Day.  Photo credit to Matt.  7/4/23

Matt didn't rescue me.  That's not what happened.  But!  Matt did help me to see that I could still rescue myself--and that it was worth doing.  I wasn't so far off course and could choose to change my path.  The whole world was still wide open in front of me.

Sheltering from the rain (and gorging on tacos!) at the Lakehouse Restaurant at Grant Village in Yellowstone National Park.  A great view and great food!  7/1/23

It was my friendship (and eventual romantic relationship) with Matt that finally threw the blinders off my eyes to see that there were a lot of people (family and friends) who wanted to help me re-center myself again.  Including him.  And so I did.  Thank heavens!

Another glorious sunset while dancing on the lawn at The Gorge Amphitheater.  Dead and Co.'s final tour was sure a special thing to share with friends.  Photo credit to Jeff.  7/7/23

"When there was no dream of mine, you dreamed of me."

Cruisin' through Yellowstone National Park.  Big blue sky, bright green grass, and russet baby bison.  7/2/23

Matt makes me a better person.  He encourages me to be the sort of person I aspire to be.  He knows me for who I am, flaws and all, and showers love upon me.  He's kind and generous and my biggest supporter.  I am forever humbled and in awe of the blessing of Matt's love.  My life could have been so different and I truly can't imagine that.  We are so blessed to live, dream, and grow together.  

Matt felt seen by this sign at the Montana Renaissance Festival in Red Lodge.  6/4/23
Today marks ten very happily married years for Matt and me (with a bonus of nine years together before that).  Huzzah and hooray!  The lyrics to our first dance as a married couple still ring true:  "Oh, you can see that it's true...they love each other."

A stroll up Lunch Tree Hill in Teton National Park.  Photo credit to Zeb.  7/1/23


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