Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Small Beard Man

With the weather being warm, I'd say unseasonably warm even for summer, Matt decided the time had come to chop off his beard.  It was a year and three months since the last time he'd done so.  Its been 100 degrees and now it seems there are fires starting every where.  I sort of dread what heat July and August (our traditionally more hot months) have in store for us.   Yikes.  Matt works a manual labor job, where they are perpetually understaffed, in an non-climate controlled warehouse.  He's also hairy like a bear.  So....he's been hot lately, a little too hot.
Though he had causally mentioned cutting it off after Love Your Mother it hadn't really talked about it much since then.  So I must admit I was just a bit surprised on Thursday night when he said, "Well, you better get your camera." 
"To take a picture of my beard before I cut it off." 
The first cut.
I liked this look of confusion, hair in hand, shaving cream on face.  It seems to say "What just happened?!"
He looked a tad strange at first...like he's got just a teeny-tiny head now.  But, I am already used to that.  Whatever the length I just like the look of a bearded man, big beard or small beard....just as long as its not no beard!    Now if only I could convince him to shave that mustache that would be facial hair perfection!  (I think there is no look more handsome than a mustache-less beard, but he refuses to shave to the skin.  I think he's handsome enough as is so I don't push the issue....too much.)

Matt says it is itchy, but cooler.


  1. I like the new look! Very handsome! It does look so much cooler. I know my long hair is hot, so I cannot imagine having it all around long hair. Did he cut the back, too? If not, and I worked under the conditions he does, that would be in a ponytail.

    Charlie the Sasquatch, said he runs barber shears over his whole body to shorten his body hair about ever four to six months because it's hot.

    I don't care to date anyone with a beard or moustache, but what can a person say? I have.

    I met and dated a guy who told me in no uncertain terms that he would NOT shave his beard no matter what I said. I was puzzled because I had not even mentioned it. He said he was just warning me.

    He kept cutting his beard and moustache shorter and shorter. One day, he shaved it all off and has kept it that way ever since...I see his facebook pictures.

  2. That is a funny story. Sometimes we just don't want to be told what to do, right? But if we decide to do it on our own accord now that is a totally different story. : )

    And no, Matt didn't cut off the pony tail (and you are correct in that he keeps in well tied back at work) I honestly cannot imagine Matt with short hair. I've seen photos, but I think it would take going bald before he cut it all short again.

    I totally mentioned you and Charlie while I was helping Matt with hair removal (shaving the back of his neck) after the beard trimming.

  3. What a handsome dude! Also, regarding your statement of nothing being more handsome than a mustache-less beard.... you were Amish in another life, weren't you? ;) I don't know how, but the lack of a mustache seems to accentuate a square jaw - I think it's quite handsome as well. But Matty's a very close second! Love you sissy! Have a great 4th!

    1. I hope you had a great 4th as well! We were out in the madness of Laurel.

      I think in addition to its handsomeness that a mustache-less beard is cleaner and nicer to kiss with (though to be fair I am just assuming on the latter based on how much nicer it is when Matt trims up his stache!).


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