Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Wish Me Luck

I have officially started knitting my first pair of socks.  Knitting socks was the primary motivating factor for my learning to knit and now I think I might be ready.  Wish me luck!  (because I think I'm going to need it!) 


  1. Good luck? Are these for you or Matt?

  2. For me, I'm hoping! The size on the pattern is for my foot, but we'll see how my tension goes as sometimes I pull the yarn a little too tight and I know that changes the size!

  3. If you get them too small, you have more practice and a Christmas gift for someone.

  4. I haven't knitted any but I have always wanted a pair - and so I did a swap with someone who could knit. In return she got a sandwich wrap made from a pre-loved table cloth. I know who got the best deal there. My socks - how I love them. I'm keeping them for Sundays now, when I just can't seem to keep shoes on. Normally my feet would be bare - but now with cold mornings I joke that I am wearing Holy socks. Asta x

    1. Oh, how I adore a good trade! At present I don't own any homemade socks! What a sad state! "Holy socks." What an absolutely fabulous deviation from mass produced, inferior store-boughts! Excellent!

      I started in the middle of our summer so perhaps I might have a pair by the time it starts getting cold in the morning again! That'd be swell.


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