Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pickin' Peas

We didn't really do a good job of picking peas this year.  I am sure if we'd picked more consistently the plants would have produced even more, but alas, that is just the way it went.  We still managed to harvest 3.5 lbs of regular "eatin" peas and just under a pound of sugar snap peas.  We've blanched and frozen most of the regular peas.  The sugar snaps have been a grand addition to our summer stir-fries and curries.  And a perhaps overlooked contribution on the part of the peas was all the vines which added some much needed greenery to our compost pile since we've not been getting much grass clippings to add to it.  I love that full, amazing garden cycle of compost.  Peas planted and top-dressed with compost growing to provide food for my body and ultimately being turned into compost to start the cycle over again.   It is pretty remarkable.


  1. You have ripped up the plants? I thought peas kept producing after they were picked. I have never grown any peas, so maybe not.

    They all look delicious.

    1. They have not been liking this heat. In my experience peas would rather be snowed on than have it be 100 degrees. So the plants had really started to wither. Peas will keep on producing as long as you harvest off the finished peas, but we just sort of them the hang out on the vine. So long story short, the vines themselves were not looking so hot so we pulled them and planted peppers in their place.


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