Camping/Backpacking Checklist

 In a fit of spring fever I went through and consolidated three different backpacking/camping checklists into one.  I love making lists and being organized and if I can't actually BE out in the woods now this is a nice alternative!  The red items are the reduced-load backpacking checklist, as opposed to the car-camping-bring-whatever-the-heck-you-want sort of checklist.  The food list is just an idea list.  We bring different things every time we go out camping.  Tea and spices, however, go with us no matter where we end up.  Certainly there are things that we could add and things we could leave, but this is what we have found we like to bring along.  I am sure it will continue to be honed and updated as we upgrade gear and continue to evolve in our camping.

_____Pack Cover
_____Day Pack (included in Matt's backpack)
_____Trekking poles
_____Tent (inc. rainfly, poles, footprint, stakes)
_____Sleeping Bag
_____Sleeping Pads
_____Water Purification Tablets
_____Water Bottles and/or Jug
_____Stove and Fuel
_____Bear Bag and Cord
_____Dualist Cookset
_____Utensils (spork, knife, spatula)
_____Frying Pan
_____Coffee Mug
_____Quick-dry Towel
_____1st Aid Kit
_____Multi-Tool and/or Pocket Knife
_____Matches and/or Lighter
_____Small Shovel
_____Headlamp and/or Lantern
_____Camp Chair
_____Plastic Garbage Bags
_____Plastic Ziplock Bags
_____Duct Tape
_____Hand Saw
_____Repair and Spare Parts Kit
_____Bear Spray

_____Toilet Paper
_____Hand Sanitizer
_____Insect Repellent
_____Hair Brush
_____Field Guides (Birds, Flowers, Trees, etc)
_____Paper and Pen
_____Extra Batteries
_____Games (cards, travel scrabble, boggle, etc)

_____Hiking Boots
_____Sandals/Water Shoes
_____Socks (preferred wool or synthetic)
_____Wide-brimmed Sun Hat
_____Rain Clothes
_____Long Sleeved Shirts (Preferred Quick Drying, not Cotton)
_____Short Sleeved Shirts (Preferred Quick Drying, not Cotton)
_____Warm Top (Preferred Wool or Fleece)
_____Vest or Jacket (Preferred Wool or Fleece)
_____Hiking Shorts or Pants (Preferred Quick Drying, not Cotton)
_____Camp Pants
_____Long Underwear
_____Stocking Cap
_____Extra Clothing Layers as Required By Trip

_____Spices (salt/pepper, bouillon, multi-container)
_____Tea Bags
_____Dehydrated Black Bean Soup
_____Lentils and Rice/Couscous/Quinoa
_____Grilled Cheese Sandwich
_____Rice/Couscous/Quinoa with Jerky
_____Southwest Couscous
_____Quesadillas (cheese or hummus varieties)
_____Breakfast Potatoes
_____Chili(like) Soup
_____Mashed Potatoes
_____Hummus and Chips
_____Dried Fruit
_____Granola Bars
_____Oatmeal (with PB, fruit, or nut add-ins)


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