On My Mind...

Today I am thinking a lot about sewing.  I have plans to do something crafty with my pal Laurel on Sunday (we're thinking a feminine counterbalance to Super Bowl Sunday) and I really want to figure out this hat.

I confess that I am basically brand-new to sewing, aside from two home-ec projects in junior high, one skirt I helped my mom make in high school, and some basic mending.  So, it might have been a bit lofty of me to think I could measure, design, and sew my own hat pattern right off the bat.  But, try I did!  This one is actually the second attempt as I was so dissatisfied with the first one that I took it all a part again and started over.  I am still not satisfied with it for various reasons in both construction and aesthetics (there are raw edges on the inside and I refuse to show a photo of the back because I hate how it looks!).  But, it is a hat.  That much is for certain.  I am proud none the less and I learned a whole lot.  I really like sewing.  It seems to me to be one of those skills most people used to have but now no one does.  Even with my electric sewing machine I feel connected to a simpler time.

So now I am trying to decide how to proceed.  I'd like to just fix THIS hat to my liking, but am not sure that will happen as perhaps I need to adjust the pattern....?  Or maybe the third time would be the charm.  I hate to start on a new hat because I know if it turns out better I will never wear this first one again and I hate to waste the fabric and time and well, it matches my green twirling skirt!  Also, I can't bring myself to buy new fabric until I look into sustainability).  I am not sure what to do so I've just been thinking about it today and looking the hat over.

"I am just not sure."  Basically that is my skill level with sewing.  I am not sure.  I just wing it.  I guess it works, but is not super efficient I don't think (here I remember myself ripping the seams apart to start over several times.)  Trial and error is a way to learn and the lessons seem to stick pretty well.

My mother ordered me the same sewing book she used as a young woman.  Maybe that will help.  It certainly can't hurt!


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