We (mostly Matt) got our ditch water pump up and running finally yesterday.  Good thing too since the front yard was turning to dust and we really need the grass clippings to build up our quickly dwindling compost pile.  Not to mention the fact that the ditch water is so much cheaper to water the garden with than our city water.  $10 for the whole season.  Hip, hip, hooray!  We're pretty excited about this feature of our new home.
Reviving the grass with the water pipes in the background.


  1. What is "ditch water?" I know what water in a ditch is, but this is not a familiar concept--using water from a ditch. Do you really just pipe water from a ditch?

  2. We have the Big Ditch which runs through our town (and then some as it is 39 miles long) and was built to make water from the Yellowstone River available for the residents of the city, parks, and farming. It was first used in 1883. Then there is the canal or Little Ditch that is an offshoot of this Big Ditch which was built for similar purposes. So we get out water from the Yellowstone River via the ditches which are piped underground into my backyard. Really all of the city water comes from the Yellowstone River. That is where our drinking supply comes from as well....though not through backyard pipes! :)

  3. Beth,
    Thanks for the explanation. I was baffled since I have never heard of the Ditch, big or litte. I wish there were something like that available here. This will call for more reading about the subject. I picture Matt just throwing a pump into a roadside ditch and successfully getting water for the yard, something I presumed was impossible with the sediment that would clog the pump.


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