A Harvest of Greens

We harvested three pounds of greens yesterday morning--spinach, chard, and kale.  Boy oh boy, are we pleased.
I don't think that we've ever had such prolific greens before.  They are huge and we've already eaten so many of them!  And there are still more to eat!
I love baby spinach for its tenderness and I love monster spinach for its impressive size and bounty. 
I think this puts our total so far this year a little over six pounds.   Last year we only harvested a little over three pounds total.  Talk about an improvement!
Isn't rainbow chard just absolutely lovely?
Matt is super happy with his kale this year.  In fact when we were at the co-op he was marveling that ours are just as large and beautiful as those being sold.  This made him pretty happy.
Greens are good in just about everything and we've planned to incorporate them into just about every meal this week.  So, the dinner menu includes: miso soup, osaka stir-fry, roast veg with beans and greens, chili and corn bread, and Caribbean au gratin--all with a nice big fat serving of greens tucked inside.
And of course, green smoothies with breakfast! 
We had to get a little creative with storage since we didn't have enough large containers!  The whole fridge is full of greens, greens, greens!
 Yummy, yummy, yum!


  1. Matt does look pleased and proud and rightly so. At some point you will have to start putting up greens. Dehydrating would be best or freezing. after you dehydrate greens, you can grind/crush/process some of them and have green powder for smoothies.

    "Where is Matt and Beth?"

    "I don't know. All I can see in this house is greens."

    1. We are planning to freeze some, but could consider dehydrating, too. Also, I plan to make kale chips for the first time tonight!

  2. WOW!!! Those are some amazing greens. Quite the harvest!

    1. Thanks, Becky! We're really happy about it. I guess the plants are happier in our new big garden space than in years past!

  3. Love the rainbow chard. I have grown rainbow chard as an edible ornamental in my front yard flower beds.

    1. They are so lovely to behold that I can see they'd have no problem "passing" as an ornamental! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Gosh what a harvest! The rainbow chard is really tasty, we like it with cheese sauce! Hadn't thought of adding greens to smoothies though.

  5. Wow, such beautiful and healthful bounty! Well done :)

  6. hey, look at your non-plastic-bag storage for your greens! Impressive!

    I've never seen monster spinach before. That's amazing. We've been eating so many greens and I know we are superlatively healthy because of it :)


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