Feeling Sick and Loved

I was away from home for a library conference Thursday through Monday.  It was only supposed to be through Sunday, but we got hit with another winter storm and the roads looked bad, so I stayed an extra day.  While I was away I was also overcome with a real nasty cold.   The conference was in the same town where my dad lives though so it was okay.  I got to spend a little more time with him and my stepmother...even if I was sniffly and feverish.

When I finally made it home on Monday I was just feeling absolutely worn out--I hardly ever drive and find the experience taxing enough even with the best of weather and when feeling on top of my game...which I was decidedly not.  I was ready for bed--rest is the best medicine if you ask me.  Rest and tea.
So, I was quite touched when I walked in the house and saw that Matt had the covers turned down on my side of the bed and all the tea fixings lined up for me on the counter.  What a sweetheart!
And then he got home from work and made chickpea miso noodle soup with fresh noodles.  This is the sort of veg equivalent of chicken noodle soup for those not feeling well.
And I am feeling a bit better today.  And very well cared for.  Who needs Valentine's Day...


  1. Hope you get well soon. Sounds as though you are being well cared for there :-) Ginger, honey and lemon tea is good I find.

  2. Aw so sweet! Hope you are feeling much better today.

    San x

  3. He's a keeper! Those "small" acts of kindness are what mean the most to me.


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