A Simple Woman's Daybook - February 24, 2014

Outside my window...there is more snow again.  This has been such a snowy winter.  Montana might be known for snow (I sure know we had heaps of it when I was growing up in northeastern Montana), but Billings is not.  Billings is an oasis of sunshine and 45 degree days in a sea of cold and snow mountains and plains.  Or that is USUALLY the case.  Not this year.  Sure is pretty though.

I am thinking.... maybe I will get a cat instead of chickens.  Or maybe both.  Or neither.  Arggggg....I just can make a decision when it comes to animals in my life.

I am thankful for... having so many friends I feel I don't have enough time to see them all.  I have a list on my whiteboard of people I am long overdue for visiting with.  I managed to check Derek and his family off the list over the weekend.

From the kitchen...are empty bags of produce as we use up our rapidly dwindling supply of homegrown and dream of spring.  The potatoes are gone.  The garlic is gone.  The onions are next.  

I am wearing...  a black dress with a grey checked pattern that once caused my friend to remark "You're looking rather Amish today."  Which was not the case, but made me laugh.

I am creating... my first dress without a pattern.  Or rather, I am disassembling a dress from my closet in the hopes of making a pattern from it.  This is dicey sewing territory for me, but I am hoping to be up for the challenge.  I really like this dress and was hesitant to start ripping it apart, but its been mended in five places already so I figure if its a total failure I am only out a dress that was falling apart and not "nice" enough for work anyways.  Since I am so hard on my clothes I don't have a shortage of bumming-around-the-house-and-yard clothes.  Here is hoping!

I am going... to Vegas this year.  And the Grand Canyon.  And Zion National Park!  But, not for a long while yet.  But, we're pouring over the guidebooks and websites.  Oh, how I can't get enough of these national parks.

I am reading... Fizz: How Soda Shook Up the World which is endlessly interesting and taking me more than a month to read, for some reason.

On my mind... my job--its has pros and cons, like pretty much everything in this world--and how in general I can't believe I get paid for this.  If only I was a little better paid for it.....but, I didn't get into libraries to make millions, I guess.  Heck, I don't know that I'd even want millions.  Its a dream job for me.  Now I just have to figure out if I really want to get my Masters in Library Science so I can move on up the library ladder as the years go by.

Around the house...  we had the laziest weekend I can remember.  Matt is working on one project or another from the moment his feet hit the floor until the evening meal.  I can't claim to be quite that ambitious, but I never have a lazy weekend like this last one.  We played board games.  That was pretty much it.   It was nice.  I am going to remember it come summer time when I am overwhelmingly busy with all the joys of that season.

One of my favorite things... sharing homecooked meals my friends.

A few plans for the rest of the week... mail my grandmother a birthday card, meet a potential caterer for our wedding, Bunco with my library friends, and probably more games of Ticket to Ride, our newest and current favorite board game.

A small window into my life...
A gathering of cousins (Loren, me, and Patrick) for a birthday celebration at the start of the month.  I love this photo because we all were so happy and full of laughter.  I am so happy I can't even hold my head up for the laughter.    I am glad to have my cousins living locally now.  I hope we spend much more time together, like this.  
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  1. Good Luck with the dress making, looking forward to seeing a finished photo!

    Have a good week

    San x


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