Six Funny Little Things

Like when the teaspoon--and only the teaspoon--has a typo in its abbreviation.
Or when the stained glass in the window has turned the counter into a work of art.
Or when I realized that the globes over these lights I walk past every day are actually made out of  inverted Gatorade bottles.  How clever.
Like when the get-together with friends organically transforms into an ethnic-themed mustache party.
Like when I woke up and found Matt and Ginger each curled up under a heat vent in the living room.
Or when you get sucked into silly exchanges on facebook.  With silly photos!
What can I say?  I am easily entertained.


  1. Fun photos! I thought you mentioned you don't have Facebook?

    1. I email and facebook and blog. No other social media, really. I don't have a cellphone. I remember that came up once in one of our past conversations--about Words with Friends--so maybe that is it.

  2. A truly entertaining post! The mustache!!

    1. It was fantastic with everyone in mustaches. We gave them to everyone who didn't have on already, men and women alike, and tried to be diverse in style. It was fun. Silly things make life bright!


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