The Lego Exhibit

Matt and I are not consistent art museum visitors.  We do enjoy museums, but we're not always keen on art museums.  Art is a broadly interpreted term.  Its a good thing, don't get me wrong, but that makes art museums more hit or miss for us than say, a natural history museum.  But, we did have to go see that Lego exhibit--The Art of the Brick--when it was in town.  It was pretty incredible, too, I have to say.  They were so large and detailed.  There were 3D sculptures and 2D portraits on the wall.  My favorite was the multicolored human form with the heart visible in the center of the chest.  But, you know, they were all pretty gosh darn impressive.  Plus, we got to play with Legos at the end.  Maybe I should get out to the art museum more often.


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