Friday, May 22, 2015

In Print

This week we received our issues of both Mother Earth News and Rocky Mountain Gardening.  As it happens, Matt and I are mentioned in both!  Its a small thing, but quite made my day.  Mother Earth News is a nationally circulated magazine.  Rocky Mountain Gardening (formerly Zone 4) is a top regional gardening magazine.  Huzzah!

It is a two fold happiness.  I am happy for my name to be in print, but I am also happy to be able to share my love of the gardening, cooking, and the other small joys of the simple life with others in this way.
At Matt's insistence I submitted a tip to the Country Lore section of Mother Earth News about my canning jar ring toss storage system.  My friend, Kris, wrote an article about tomatillos for Rocky Mountain Gardening for which she interviewed Matt and used some of my photos to round out the article.  
We thought it was pretty cool, even more so since we received both magazines on the same day.  In fact, I am going to look into writing articles and submitting more photos for these and similar publications.  I mean, I am already taking photos and writing about it here...why not try to expand into different mediums, too.
Speaking of writing in different formats, a book I contributed two chapters for has also recently been released into print as well.  Its a textbook about the relationship between animals (including humans) and the earth.    Its crazy to think some college student may read my words as part of a class assignment.  Crazy, and cool.  The book has been in the works since 2007!  I am so glad to finally see it finished, for a variety of reasons.
So, huzzah!  I am pleased.    (And for the record we're in the Summer 2015 issue of Zone 4 and the June/July issue of Mother Earth News.)


  1. Well, congrats!! That makes me happy. I may have to go buy one of the Mother Earth News magazines to see your article. I'm really happy you were able to get into print several times this month.

  2. Woohoo! Very cool, congrats!!

  3. Congratulations!

  4. Thanks everyone! You are all so kind and supportive! It was very exciting for us for sure.


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