Me-Made May 2016

I, Beth from BLD in MT, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '16.  I endeavor to wear a me-made dress each day for the duration of May 2016.
I first started participating in Me-Made May in 2014.  I stumbled upon MMM totally by accident, but that was the year I decided to set myself a goal for each month.  Me-Made May unexpectedly became my May challenge.
And it was super fun and interesting!  As a result, I didn't hesitate to sign up again in 2015, slightly upping the level of my personal challenge.  Once again it proved a fun way to challenge myself, to highlight how far I've come in my sewing, and to bring to light the directions I'd like my seamstress journey to take.
That said, I still haven't done much sewing with comfy, knit fabric....even though its come up both times in my reflection on the endeavor.
Somehow MMM '15 is upon us and I will once again be participating, again upping the ante on my Me-Made game.  This year I am going to wear only my homemade dresses.  I love my dresses and I think I might have enough to actually pull off a whole month of nothing but.
We shall see!


  1. A very interesting challenge. Good luck!

  2. Exciting!!!! I love that MMM'14 came to you at a specific point and helped you head in a direction that you wanted to go. I hope you have a fabulous and fun month xxx


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