Me-Made-May: Week Three Photo Round-Up

I have found it challenging to remember to snap a photo of myself each day.  I'm just not on the whole selfie bandwagon, I guess, so I don't think of it. This week I really didn't do the best on that front, missing three of the four days.  Still, the photos aren't at all the point of Me-Made-May.  The point is to wear and love my beautiful homemade dresses.  And I certainly am doing that.  So, with that, I present my spotty week three photo round up.
May 15:  I wore the Tie-Dye T-Shirt Dress.  Again.  Making it the third day in a row.  What can I say?  I am a bum in the woods.  Technically, this photo is from the 14th, but the outfit is the same so....  May 15th proved very, very rainy and so we left Yellowstone earlier than planned and spent most of the day basking at Chico Hot Springs.
May 16: For my birthday I wore The Coordinated Dress.  After the Yellow Dress it is my favorite.  I took the day off from work to putter around the house with the cats.  My sister took me out for lunch and then we had a little dinner party with games.
May 17: was a busy day catching up at work since I'd taken my birthday off.  I don't remember what I wore nor do I have any photos of it.  Its a total blank.  Oh well.
May 18: I wore the Charcoal Dress with a sweet vintage paisley long sleeve underneath.  Nothing major that day, just work and kicking it around the house/garden.  
May 19: I wore the Blue Floral with Ruffle and, once again, had a fairly mellow day.   We'd had plans to go swimming with some friends, but they had to reschedule.  We're in the preparation for the summer craze of tie-dye vending, camping, and gardening so we've got plenty to keep up busy around the house.  
May 20:  I wore the Red (Not For Christmas) Dress with a base layer of white leggings and long sleeves.  I don't wear this dress often enough, I realized.  Its a fine dress, but red just isn't a color I wear that often.  I don't know why that is.  After work we went over to our friend April's house for dinner and so Matt could help her bottle some mead she's making.
May 21:  I lead a Wilderness Walk for the Montana Wilderness Association.  There were seven of us total and it was a lovely day--cool and overcast--as we hiked the prairie, admiring buttes, petroglyphs, and wildflowers.  I also helped with a MWA fundraiser that evening.  It was a long, but enjoyable, day of working to spread the love of the wild places so dear to me.  I wore the Black Dress with my standard black base layer.


  1. I have really enjoyed reading about your me made may! Thanks to you I also requested a chance to review the more with less book which I received as a download and I am hoping to write up the review in the next few days. I don't comment here as much as I should, but I do pop by regularly and enjoy reading your post :-)

    1. Thanks, as always, Sandra, for stopping by and taking the time to read my little rambles here. I hope you enjoy the book! Have a great day.

  2. So pretty!! I don't remember seeing your red dress before - it's lovely too!

    1. Thanks, Jamie. Yes, like I said, I don't wear that red one much--which I hope to change now that I've realized it. Its nice and the fabric detail strikes me as charmingly old-fashioned. Thanks all around.


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