Me-Made-May: Week One Photo Round-Up

Last year I thought, "I should really take a photo of my Me-Made-May outfits."  And then I never did.  So, this year I thought I'd try again.  I have only forgotten one day out of nine so far.  Improvement!
May 1:  I spent the day in Yellowstone National Park wearing The Black Dress.  Most of the day I had leggings and a long sleeve shirt underneath of it, but by afternoon I'd ditched the base layers and was enjoying the sun on my bare arms.  I wore it with a leopard print scarf that I at first thought might not be my style, but quickly has become a weekly scarf staple.  Sometime I surprise myself.
May 2:  I spent the morning unpacking from our trip to Yellowstone and putting the house back together, in general.  I mowed the lawn and then worked the night shift at the library.  I was rocking my newest creation--The Slinky Blue Floral.  I love it now that its finished, but man, was it a pain in the neck to sew.  SO slinky.
May 3:  I wore The Coordinated Dress, which currently lays claim to the title of My Favorite Dress.  I played catcher for the faculty/staff vs. student softball game--where, I might add, I cracked people up diving after a pop foul ball.  I was told it "made my day" by one of my teammates.  Following the game we had a  sort of collaborative dinner party with some new friends. 
May 4:   I forgot to take a photo.  Ooooops!  It was The Blue Floral and Brown Wool number paired with the navy cardigan worn on May 3rd. 

May 5: I wore the Ruffled Blue Floral Dress.  Our friend, April hosted fajita night and we went over for dinner and to help her rerack her first batch of mead as it was, at long last, done fermenting.  We had a fire and played with April's adorable, wee little chicks!
May 6: We camped just outside of Yellowstone.  We had s'mores and a beer or two around the fire after setting up camp. Technically, I failed to take a photo of my outfit so this snap of me eating a s'more will have to do.  Its The Black Dress again, paired with a different scarf and then buried under two jackets--and overtop two pairs of leggings!  That wind was brisk.
May 7:  I don't really change clothes all that much when camping.  I fail to see the point, for the most part.  So, Saturday found me in The Black Dress again (or still, as the case may be) and the same blue-grey-white scarf.
That Black Dress is going to skew the stats, so to speak, on account of all the time I'm spending hiking and camping this month.  Its a fantastic camping dress.  That wasn't my intention when I first made it, but it really is.  Its lightweight, dries quickly, doesn't snag readily, is easily layered, and of course has deep pockets.


  1. That was so fun seeing your dresses and all the wonderful things you are up to each day. Thanks for sharing!

  2. You are a talented seamstress. I am happy to knit, crochet and upholster but faced with making clothes I chicken out every time!

    1. Thanks so much! Dress making is my favorite kind of sewing. I've not made pants or tops really, so I can't speak to that, but oh, dresses...I like that sewing a lot. You could totally do it, I bet. You're crafty!


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