Make a Mini-Roll, Because Duct Tape is Handy

Duct tape can sure be handy in a pinch.  We've used it to fix Matt's shoe while on a hiking trip.  We've used it to hold together a clothes rack that had snapped in the wind in our tie-dye booth.  We've used it to tighten the threads on a leaky water bottle.  We don't need it often, but every now and then....
My trekking pole (grey tape) and Matt's trekking pole (brown tape) with Cache Lake and Electric Peak in the background.
For years we've kept a small "roll" of duct tape wrapped around our trekking poles.  In this way, Matt and I each have many feet of duct tape on hand during our adventures.  It is considerably more compact--as well as more readily accessible--than simply having a roll of duct tape tucked away in the trunk of the car or in the bottom of a backpack.  Since we always have the poles while hiking and camping they made an obvious choice for us, though I've subsequently seen this duct tape trick done on water bottles, too.  For me, that just seems like more wear and tear on the tape, as well as exposure to moisture.

More recently I wrapped a good strip around a pen and stashed it in the center console of the car.  I was going to some concerts at the Gorge and wouldn't be bringing along my trekking poles.  So, now we've got a little back up in the car, too.  Just in case.
(And while I didn't need any duct tape at the Gorge, one of the other members of our Montana crew did.  So, hooray.)

It's good to have a back-up plan.


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