Some Homegrown Meals

We eat well all year round, but late summer is a very special time in our kitchen.  The time of year when all of our favorites are ripe for the picking just before dinner time.  The first greens of spring have a charm all their own, but it seems that we can hardly get enough of these long-season, heat-loving veggies just now flooding out of the garden.  Below are a few meals where I managed to snap a photo before my plate was empty.  The + indicates the homegrown components of the meal.
Sauteed peppers+ and onions+ over pasta with tomato sauce+.  Served with grilled eggplant+ and "meat"balls.
Pizza night!  A crust made from Montana wheat, topped with red sauce+, peppers+, onions+, eggplant+, mushrooms, and Daiya mozzarella.  Ginger wanted to steal a bite right off my plate.
Hot off the grill!  Spicy, glazed onions+ a la Derek and Brittany, eggplant+, and tofu
We decided to grow pattypan squash this year instead of just zucchini and crook necks.  They are lovely in texture and in appearance.  This thick slice of pattypan+ (and others) made its way into tacos along with peppers+, onion+, pinto beans, rice, and locally made tortillas.  With some hot sauce+ drizzled over the whole thing, of course!  
My very first attempt at lasagna.  I made the noodles from scratch and everything-- though with chard+ instead of spinach, as that is what we've got at this point in the season.  It also included eggplant+, onion+, pepper+, tofu "ricotta," mushrooms, tomato sauce+, and additional handfuls of shredded chard+.  I cut the slabs of eggplant a little too thick, but other than that it was quite yummy, if I do say so myself, especially for my first go.
That sure was some good eating!  Huzzah for late summer bounty!


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