Wednesday, August 8, 2018

34 in 34 for my 34th

Originally my plan was to send out 30 bits of mail in 30 days.  That was how the idea fell into my mind first formed.
Then, as I was fixing to meet that goal, I had a flash:
Why stop there?  Why not make it 34 cards in 34 days in acknowledgement of my 34th year on the earth?  That was more special.  More unique.
There are a handful of people I communicate with regularly by mail--by postcard most often.  Only one really writes back, but that isn't the point.  Or not the main point at least.
I just love sending letters, cards, postcards.  I like the feeling it gives me.  The connection.  It anchors me to my people--my friends and family, near and far.  I find the process of writing them--deciding which card, who will get it, what tidbits from life I should include in the text, thinking about them receiving my love and thoughts in their mailbox days later--pleasurable.  It is a satisfying ritual to me.
This year I've endeavored to send out a note to my relatives and close friends on their birthdays.  I've not always gotten it there on time...and I totally dropped the ball on a couple...but over all I've been happy with the postal project.  I'm blessed with family ties and I'd like to help strengthen those bonds in the times between family reunions and weddings and such.
I thought that with the 34 in 34 I'd be encouraged to diversify the range of my correspondence even further.  And it did.  In 34 days I mailed 25 different people-- 13 friends, 12 relations.
Hannah still got the most postcards from me this month.  She always does though.  She's the one who writes back and we have a special layer of old-school friendship because we are penpals, too.  I really value that slow communication in this go-go-go world.  It's different.
Mission: Send Lots of People My Love By Post was a huge success.


    ~Have a lovely day!

  2. Belated Birthday wishes. Its lovely to have so many wonderful people in your life.

  3. I am the queen of stretching out my birthday celebrations. This was a fun new twist on marking another year.


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