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Last week we opened up our home for two bands of traveling musicians.
Sol Seed has been coming through town for years now and we've grown to love them (on and off stage) more and more as time has gone on.  They radiate positive community-building vibrations in their actions, words, and music.  They're remarkable people.  We were totally stoked to be able to return the favor for all the good times they've given us.
Because they have totally blessed my life.
I leave every Sol Seed show absolutely beaming with lightness and joy.  As such, we didn't think twice about it when the bass player messaged me about trying to find a place they could crash for a couple days as they made their way across the state.  It was an instant yes.  (Even though--with only one spare room--we're not really set up to house the masses.)  Sol Seed is just good people.
The other band, TreeHouse!, had never toured through Montana before--and we'd never heard their music before.  They're from South Carolina and so it is a bit more of a jaunt for them than Sol Seed (who hail from Oregon).  Even though it was only the first time we'd met that crew it was like "instant family," as one of them put it.  We all got along quite well--and their opening set was fantastic to boot.  They too had some harmonious, upful, and exultant tunes. 
The boys (there were 12 of them in total) stayed for two nights with us.  Matt and I thoroughly enjoyed the time they were there, too.  We had so many amusing and thoughtful conversations.  I'm pleased to think that they're spreading that across the country in every place they stop.  Watching their personalities interplay was fun and fascinating--the dynamics of band offstage, the roles, the temperaments.  That's always interesting.  But mostly we just enjoyed their company.  They're great guys who are simply fun to be around.  We hung out in the yard--grilling, roasting marshmallows on the fire, and playing frisbee and laughing--and around the coffee table telling stories.  They were very respectful of the house and the cats and kept things tidy.  They were also super enthusiastic about the house in a way that was eye-opening to me. 

I guess living a month or more on the road at a time garners a unique perspective on things.  They made me feel like my humble home is an outright palace.  It can be easy to take everyday things for granted, even though I strive to live with an attitude of gratitude.  They were stoked about things like:  doing a load of laundry, a hot shower (with "great water pressure"), the sanctuary of the garden/backyard, washing some dishes, sleeping indoors (i.e. not in a tent or the van), a hot cooked meal from scratch.  It gave me some insight about the blessed life I lead--and that is always a good thing to be reminded about.
It was amazing to me how smoothly the whole stay went, too.  Not that I was worried about it or anything, but I mean, 14 humans, two cats, two bedrooms, and most critical--only one bathroom.  And yet, because everyone was so respectful and aware there were really no issues at all.  Well, maybe a couple people had to wait for the bathroom, but...   And Ginger hated it, but she took refuge in the garden.
I am so thankful for my happy home.  I am thankful for food in my belly and love in my heart.  I am thankful for the artists, philosophers, and music-makers.  I am thankful for my friends--new and old.


  1. What an awesome treat for you and for them...I'll try and catch Tree House when they are back in the south...
    ~Have a lovely day!

    1. If you like reggae music at all I can highly, highly, highly recommend that! :)

      And it totally was a treat. Hooray for the good people of the world!

  2. This is just heart-warming! How great that you could offer hospitality and they could receive it! And it's true, too, what you said about our lives as seen through others' eyes. . .

    1. That part was totally unexpected for me. I think I can get down on my humble little house--it seems so much smaller and less fancy/polished than so many houses I see--but it is EXACTLY perfect for me and my life. I was glad to have that brought to my attention so readily (and unexpectedly).

      I am blessed.

  3. So much love for the Sol Seed family!!

  4. How nice for you! Hospitality is wonderful, at whatever level we can offer it. Too bad Ginger didn't also enjoy it. :)

    1. She hates having houseguests period. 2 or 12. So....at least she has the garden, right?!?! :) Johnny on the other hand was all about the extra people to rub her belly!

      I did feel bad for Ginger and made sure to be extra nice to her the following few days.


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