Fall Eats: Savory Roast Squash

There are so many reasons to love autumn.  I am delighted by the changing colors and cycling through the piles of fallen leaves.  Sunlight is brighter and more dazzling on a crisp fall day.  I start to have more free time as summer obligations such as tie-dye vending, gardening and camping start to wind down.

One thing I am always extra delighted about is eating boatloads of savory roast winter squash.  Oh.  My.  Goodness.  I just LOVE the taste of roast squash (and other veg).  I've eaten it four times in the past three days.
I don't use a recipe anymore and I keep it super basic.

The bulk of the roast veg is winter squash.  (Matt and I prefer butternut, red kuri, or kabocha squash.)  Then I round out the squash with onions, carrots, potatoes, peppers, mushrooms...whatever is on hand.  The veggies are chopped and roasted at 400 degrees F with a dollop of olive oil, tamari, and hot sauce--and maybe some herbs if I am feeling in the mood.  I roast them until tender and serve on a little bed of rice or pasta.

And I just love it.  Mmmmmmmmmmmm!

As a bonus, other than the chopping it is a very hands-off meal and one that reheats well for my lunch at the library.

I could eat it just about every day all winter long.  Good thing we stocked up on several kinds of squash from our friends down at the Garden Avenue Greenhouse.


  1. YUM! Butternut is my very favorite. I roasted some kohlrabi tonight (along with carrots) and it was tasty too!

    1. We should grow Kohlrabi next year.... That would be a lovely addition to our garden and our plates! Hope you're well!


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