Palo Santo for the Potty

Johnny is drawn to the smell of Palo Santo like a moth to a flame.   It cracks me up.  When we light it, releasing its deep, resinous scent, Johnny just comes a-runnin'.  She'll stand on the bath mat and look around, sniffing deeply and begging to be petted.  I assume she likes it, since she runs toward the source of the smell, but maybe she is just perplexed by it.  The aroma is pretty unique and powerful after all.  I've no way of knowing for sure, of course.

We keep a stick of Palo Santo on top of the toilet tank the way that some people do with scented candles.  See, we don't have a fan to dissipate any, well, let's say, negative bathroom odors.  That's where the Palo Santo comes in.

Palo Santo (or Holy Stick) is such a resinous and aromatic wood.  Just a quick touch of flame will bring the pungent oils oozing to the surface.  We don't burn our Palo Santo like incense--it doesn't catch and keep burning down to ashes.  We just run a flame over it and--boom--instantly the room smells magnificent.
It is a pretty solid little no-bathroom-fan trick.  Safer than a candle, more earthy than air freshener, cheap, long-lasting.
Plus, Johnny likes it.  😉


  1. Hi Beth,
    ...we have a fan...but I think I like this idea better...

    1. It smells SO good! Yesterday Johnny went so nuts over it that she was flopping and writhing on the bathmat like she does with catnip!

  2. She is that!! SO cute! And a very interesting roommate!

  3. WHAT. I have never heard of this and I'm sooo intrigued (after I have left a bathroom candle lit longer than intended and freaked my husband out, oops)

    1. I have only recently started allowing myself candles again after a few bouts of leaving them unattended inadvertently. The Palo Santo lasts a long, long time which should appeal to your thriftiness. We've been using this stick since July and I bet will still be using it come this July, probably longer!


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