I Quit (Thank Heavens)

I quit smoking in 2007.  Prior to that it was impossible to imagine a reality in which cigarettes weren't an essential part of my being.  ...and today I cannot imagine a reality in which they are.  Crazy.  A person can change so much over a lifetime if they so choose.
Earlier this year I spent a long weekend in which 1/3 of my traveling companions were active smokers.  Boy.  Talk about driving home the point!   I was beyond grateful for breaking free from this aspect of my life/behavior.  Only one other time (while Ryan was in the hospital) have I been more relieved to be liberated from my addiction to cigarettes, my compulsive smoking habit.

Thanks heavens that monkey is off my back, that I am out of the mouth of the beast, as I like to say.  Thanks heavens I quit.  Thank heavens, thank heavens, thank heavens.
Thank havens my schedule and plans are not dictated by when and where I can indulge this habit.

Thank heavens my clothes and hair no longer carry that lingering disagreeable scent.

Thank heavens I found more positive ways to relax, calm, or treat myself.

Thank heavens I have more disposable income to play with.

Thank heavens my tastebuds and sense of smell have come alive again.

Thank heavens I no longer have that nagging little smokers hack.

Thanks heavens I can hike mountain peaks and cycle hard for miles with ease.

Thank heavens I've reduced the related negative health risks.

Thank heavens I am able to do things I never thought possible.
Thank heavens.  For that and more.
Addictions are tough.  I am tougher though.
Photos from various cemeteries in Helena, MT.  11/10/2018 


  1. Hi Beth,
    ...You GO girl...congratulations...the Man's Aunt recently quit after many many years of smoking...and it has been so difficult for her...I was doing some reading about nicotine and it is as addictive as heroin...the same...it's crazy...you are so much better off without it...

    1. It remains one of the hardest things I've ever done. My thoughts go with your aunt. One day at a time!

  2. I also used to smoke, many years ago. When I think of how sensitive my lungs are now, I'm amazed that I could smoke! Also, the cost of smoking! And Beth, how right you are - a person can certainly change very much over a lifetime! If they are willing.

  3. Huzzah for us both then! Hooray for growth and change!

  4. I admire that. Congratulations. My father gave up almost 15 years ago, not sure why - but he did and we have all been proud of him. Sadly, my mother in law is 72 and will never give up, it upset my husband a bit as its an expensive habit/addiction for a pensioner.


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