Storytime With Beth: The HydraPipe

In the locker room at the gym there are these freestanding steel shower units.
They look basically like this, but since I didn't want to risk building a reputation as someone who takes photos in the locker room I opted to utilize this one from a random furniture/fixtures review blog instead of snapping my own.
Each has three showerheads and they're made by a company called HydaPipe... because, well, they hide all the pipes and valves and such for the shower.  It is a fine and descriptive name for such a product.

But, I have a better one.  Or at least I think it is better.


See, for probably the first year that I was going to the gym I thought that was their name.  I didn't read the affixed metal label closely enough, I guess.  Since they have multiple heads and a similar looking name my brain went ahead and made it HydraPipes.  You know, like the mythical hydra?  Isn't that a cooler name?!

(Excuse me while I agree with/crack myself up over here.)

It was at least a year before I noticed the lack of "r' in HydaPipe.  At least.  To this day I still call them HydraPipes in my head while I am using the showers after hitting yoga or the pool.  I sort hope that homage was at least partly the founder's intent, but maybe it is just me.
I made this quick sketch of what I see in my mind's eye when I say "HydraPipe."
Apparently that mythology class I took in high school made quite an impression after all.


  1. That is exactly something that I would do.... :D

  2. Oh that's funny!! I will never be able to use the showerhouse at the beach in the same way again


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