A Six-Course Appetizer Dinner

There is a song I know from the Grateful Dead called “Men Smart, Women Smarter.” 

Years ago, during setbreak at a show in Colorado, Matt and I were talking with the folks near us in the crowd.  Matt brought the conversation around to that song, saying it was a perfect song to play right before the break…

     ---and the gal next to him interrupted with an eyeroll and a scoff to say “That’s what my boyfriend always says, too, because it is the perfect time to go take a pee and get a beer.”-- 

Matt continued with, “I was going to say it was perfect because it reminds all the guys, right before the break, how lucky we are to have such nice women around.  I mean, it’s always the girls going to refill everyone’s water bottles, passing around gum or snacks, taking care of everybody.”

Then they looked at each other like they were both a shade confused about what had just happened.  Looking on, I was awash in gratitude that I was there dancing with Matt instead of that other dude…  I mean, I’m sure that guy is nice in his way, but I couldn't help but recognize that Matt is a gem, so thoughtful and respectful and kind.
A pesto breadstick twist
Recently Matt decided he wanted to Do-Something-Special-For-Us.  Something different.  Something extra fun and novel.  He has a household reputation as a pretty great idea man.  

All morning he pondered his options within the restrictions of only using stuff we already had at home. 
Potato wedges, almond cheese, seitan wings.
He called me on his break at work saying that I should “put on something nice” and get ready for a little surprise later.  
Matt knows what I like.  Fried, bready, tan things--with dipping sauce!
When he got home he handed me his menus to peruse—one for food and one for drinks.  He offered up an assortment of my favorite drinks, plus one special “quarantine cocktail” of his own creation, and a six-course all-appetizer dinner comprised of foods that I adore. Almond cheese and chips, corn fritters, potato wedges, pesto breadsticks and red sauce, seitan wings, and pakoras.
Matt bought some Lucky's Coconut Water with Espresso when they closed for good in early February.  It was my favorite coconut water. He intended to bust them out as roadtrip surprises, but instead occasionally just slips me one.  "It exists!"  I have no idea where his stash is...or how long this surprise and delight might last, but it is awesome.  Matt says I "live the beverage life" in that I am a pretty big fan of drinks.  This assortment is full of favorites.
He had a tremendously good time writing up the menu over his lunch break, coming up with the descriptive phrases and picking the fancy font.  He said that writing menus would be a fun job.  

He took my drink order—I went with the Quarantine Spritz, of course—and then he got to work in the kitchen.  He requested that I play my guitar and sing to him while he cooked.
Isn't that one sexy looking cocktail?!? 
It was delicious. Mmmmmmm…and it was so surprising and delightful.  So unexpected and entertaining.  

We’re out of taper candles so we put a votive on top of an upturned water glass instead.  We dug up a lacy table cloth I didn’t even know we owned.  

Using only stuff we had at home he dreamed up a really special night. I was so impressed.
He’s an outstanding man.  I can’t believe my good fortune.


  1. Wow well done Matt. I'm taking notes on how to excel this much as husbanding...

    1. Ha! I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner, but: He was flattered by your compliment.

  2. This makes me so happy!! You do, indeed, have a really great guy. I *love* his perspective on the break song. And now that you said it, I think I adore tan bready things with dipping sauce. YUM. I was just thinking about homemade egg rolls with duck sauce today. . .

    1. I hope you've enjoyed some eggrolls by now. Or at least something bready with a nice dipping sauce! ;)

      Matt is a gem--thank heavens! Hooray for thoughtful, respectful, and fun menfolk! It seems like you've got one, too. <3

  3. Matt hosted another session of the All-Appetizer-Home-Restaurant last night. :) "Only" five courses this time. ;) What.a.Gem.


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