My Groovy Sewing Chair Remake

I re-covered my sewing chair again.  

After eight years, my original recovering job was a bit worn out.  I was pawing around in my fabric stash for something suitable when an even better idea occurred to me.  

I used an old Grateful Dead shirt that Matt had bought on Furthur lot at Red Rocks a decade+ back.  The shirt had always been a little too small and then it got some holes in it and Matt gave it to me for craft purposes.  This was the perfect spot for it!  Somewhere it would still be enjoyed for its art and color!  (I should note that when Matt bought the shirt it was cream colored.  He gave it the fantastic dye job.)

I don't believe the new seat cover will last another eight years, being stretchy knit t-shirt fabric and all, but it sure will be cool while it does.


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    1. Thanks! It makes me happy every time I sit down. :)

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    1. Ha! Thanks a bunch, Shaheen. I really love it, too. I was using it this morning, in fact.


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