Me-Made-Made 2021

I, uh, missed the start of Me-Made-MayAgain.  Or should I say, like usual.  I swear I had a prompt in my datebook, but...I guess not!   [I just stopped typing, grabbed my planner, and added it for next year.  Fingers crossed.]

A uber-comfy new dress I made in February.  It has a truly excellent twirly skirt. 

Better late than never, I figure.  This is now my eighth year participating in this mellow little sewing challenge.

Me and my sister on the hi-line at Easter.  I am wearing a spectacularly glittery jacket that belonged to my grandma Nina.  
As I didn't realize it was MMM21 until I was already three days into it, I opted to really change up my pledge.  Usually I focus on wearing my me-mades.  I didn't want to start out having missed the first three days though, so this year I'm going to dedicate more time to my sewing endeavors.  Especially as the weather springs, I have a harder time focusing down in the sewing studio.

Some festive patchy coasters I made in December.  That was a super fun little scrap buster.

“I, Beth, aka BLD-in-MT pledge to dedicate more sewing time during May 2021.  I will complete four new sewn pieces this month, though not necessarily clothing.  I will also tackle four items in the mending basket.”

Ginger curled up on the "designated shredding paper" on my sewing table.  I had to give them a decoy.

Happy May!


  1. Hi Beth,
    ...I LOVE your twirly green is definitely your looks great on you!...
    ~Have a lovely day!

    1. Thanks!! You know, I really don't wear much green either. Good to know!

  2. Gorgeous dress Beth what was the pattern? Thanks San x

    1. Hi, San. Thanks! It is a Very Easy Vogue V9101 Misses' Flared Dress. My mom bought me the pattern for my birthday in, oh, 2019 I think.


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