Strawberry Season

Freshly picked and rinsed.

Our first crop of strawberries for the year is coming in strong.  If you ask me, there is nothing quite like a succulent, red homegrown strawberry.  The color, the flavor, the juiciness.  Mmmmm....

Strawberry galette with coconut whipped cream.

When we bought our house we put in some strawberry plants almost immediately.  I can't strongly enough recommend adding strawberries to a garden (or flower bed). They're easy to maintain, require little tending or space, and offer a perennial crop.  Our berry plants have been encouraged to spread its leaves and take over the back plot to the east of the greenhouse.  It has become quite a big patch these days. they're actually trying to take over the path there, too.  ;)

Wally, the bum lamb who thinks he's half human and half dog and 100% deserving of all the strawberries.  

Matt picked ten pounds in one go when we returned from family reunion last week.  We took a few pounds up to Jesscy's farm for her birthday party.  Matt made a strawberry galette for his dad on Father's Day.  I've treated myself to a few bowls with sugar and milk.  Or even better--coconut milk and sugar!  

Simple and Sweet:  Sliced berries, sprinkle of sugar, splash of soymilk

And there are still so many strawberries to go!  Matt was out picking the patch again this morning.  Mmmmmmmmm...

If I might go off on a little sidebar here, there are a several berries in my German vocab flashcards, including strawberry.  Strawberry is die Erdbeere singular or die Erdbeeren for the plural.  

Ich liebe Erdbeeren mit Kokosmilch und Zucker.  (I love strawberries with coconut milk and sugar.)

Matt did give me a little faux-grief over feeding our precious homegrown strawberries to a sheep.  But, just look at Wally's little face!  How could I say no?!


  1. Hi Beth,
    ...I'm so jealous of all your strawberry goodness...and that just the sweetest..
    ~Have a lovely day!

  2. Sorry, that i am not coming by often - but i am always delighted when i do. This is such a lovely and heart warming post, we have started picking strawberries from our plot, but not in the quantities you showcase here. Matt's strawberry galette looks really yummy and i absolutely adore the expression on that sheeps face!

    1. Wally was so expressive--those eyes, those lips! And I was a total sucker for his antics! :)

      May your patch grow in fruitfulness with each passing season!


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