Red All the Way Through

We're eating on our second, and final, crop of strawberries for the year.  Unlike our June-bearing variety these ever-bearing fruits are odd looking.  They were in their first crop back in June and they are in their second crop now--though certainly less so.  Not at all a normal looking strawberry, but nonetheless they are so sweet and juicy as to just about melt in the mouth.  Its pretty incredible.  Matt likes them better then the conventional looking berries.  They seem sweeter.  But all of the berries, regardless of shape, are the most brilliant red all the way through to the core...none of the white-in-the-middle business so common in supermarket strawberries.  My niece Keleigh, who told me she didn't like strawberries, even liked them!  Matt went out to pick what he thought were probably the last of them on Saturday and came back with a good bowl full for breakfast.  And it looks like they weren't even really the last after all.  In fact, I think we were grossly mistaken in our assessment.  We picked a half pound for breakfast again this morning.  Yum.  I am keen to have strawberry season stretch out as long as possible!
Little tiny plants....  4/25/2013
Our neighborhood herd of deer mowed down the leaves and blossoms off this plant in the front yard.  The stinkers.  We never had deer to even consider as garden pests at the rental house.  5/16/2013
But the leaves grew back quickly and the plant bloomed again and fruited pretty well.  But, I bet not as well as it could have.  6/2/2013
The other two front yard strawberry planters.  They are full of ants.  Almost every single plant has an ant mound at its base.  Its strange, but doesn't seem to be hurting anything so....  5/16/2013
Blossoms and tiny hints of berries!  5/20/2013
Green berries loading up and teaching me the art of patience!  6/2/2013
A few berries picked for breakfast.  I think this was the second picking of the season.  6/10/2013
RED!  6/10/2013
Picking from the front plants.  6/11/2013
Birthday cupcakes out-of-doors with the wonderful Laurel Joy.  6/12/2013
An example of the irregular shapes of the ever-bearing strawberries that we have.  The seeds all end up at the bottom (and sometimes the bottom is more like the side) and they are not symmetrical in any way.  But, oh, so juicy and wonderful.  6/17/2013
Joy in 3, 2,...6/17/2013
...1!  When they are ripe like this the fruit just seems to slide right off the core as it melts in your mouth.  A lot of the time the core is even red all the way through.  6/17/2013
Homemade bread with homemade preserves and homegrown strawberries.  This is the breakfast of champions.  6/17/2013
These strawberries are enough to make a person never want a store-bought berry (picked under-ripe in California so that it is still "good" when it arrives in Montana) ever again.  Now that I've had them red all the way through I know what I've been missing all along.


  1. Fresh strawberries! Such goodness. Strawberry season in Maryland is over by June. But where I grew up in Michigan, strawberry picking coincides with your Montana strawberry report. Enjoy!

    1. Such goodness indeed! I am so happy about it!

  2. Those look AMAZING!!! I would love to plant some fruit and vegetables next season. You will have to let me know what can be planted in a planter as I can't dig up the ground here. Also, when is the best time to start the whole process? I think I will have to come pick your brains one of these evenings :)

    1. I would LOVE for you to come over and pick our brain! And we'd be happy to help! Plus then I could loan you that Michael Pollan book I mentioned. Maybe next week sometime?


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