Sunday, July 14, 2013


Matt is grinning and pointing in the background which makes me smile.  We've since pulled the cauliflowers which are growing in the rear of the onions.  6-9-2013


 Standing on the patio admiring the full view of the garden.  6-11-2013
 Rainbow chard.  6-25-2013
We built tepee type supports for our pole beans this year with some branches we trimmed around the place.  The beans are just starting to vine around them.  I find them very charming and practical, too.  7-1-2013

 Standing on the patio admiring the full view of the garden.  7-9-2013

Danver half-long carrots and three types of bush bean.  The Yellow Hutterite Beans really didn't come up very well, but the others did okay.  7-9-2013
The smallest, saddest looking pepper plants ever.  They are all less than six inches tall.  We've just had a heck of a time with our peppers and tomatoes this year.  We don't really know what the problem is.  We may still have to buy some seedlings at the nursery.  Or just give up for this year and buy our peppers at Farmer's Market.  Fortunately since we had such a record of a crop last year we still have more than a dozen jars of tomato sauce in the basement.  But, that won't get us through a whole second year!  7-9-2013
Squash, corn, and beans with potatoes in the background.  7-9-2013


  1. Our peppers and tomatoes are just now starting to look happy. We are about a month behind due to the cold wet weather. It is not a tomato year I don't think.

    I envy your garden!

    1. Matt was able to procure some respectable peppers from a local down at the farmer's market, but you may be right in that I don't think its a tomato year....


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