Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Three Ingredient Ice Cream In Two Minutes

We have Matt's mother to thank for this one.  We've been eating it several times a week.

What do you get when you combine frozen banana, peanut butter, and cocoa powder?

The answer is:  soft serve ice cream you can eat for breakfast!
Seriously.  I am so taken with this brilliant little recipe.  Its so simple and yet hits my sweet tooth craving just as well as a bowl of real ice cream.  

The "recipe," if you want to call it that, is pretty basic.  

Three Ingredient Ice Cream
Two frozen bananas, broken into big pieces
1-2 tablespoon peanut butter
1-2 tablespoon cocoa powder

Process in food processor until it forms a creamy, smooth soft serve.  

It seems like its never going to work. At first large crumbs of chocolaty banana form, but just keep going and it all comes together like magic somehow.  Delicious, smooth, ice cream-like magic.  This serves up a good size bowl for both Matt and I.

If you use bananas that have brown spots on them it tastes like banana-chocolate-peanut butter ice cream. If you use bananas that are just barely ripe the banana flavor doesn't really come through all that much and its just chocolate-peanut butter ice cream. 

Its fabulous.  And fast.  And healthy.  And scrumptious.  And results in no packaging waste since we use refillable cocoa and peanut butter containers.  

I am pretty darn impressed all around.  Amazing.


  1. This looks great! And something kids will like to help make. Thanks for sharing!

    1. A very kid-friendly recipe and one where I am sure they'd enjoy the end result a whole lot! Yuuuuummmmy!

  2. Wow! I'm going to try this.

    This will either make you laugh or you will just scratch your head.

    I freeze bananas for my smoothies here at work and the guys I work with (who already call me a feminist nazi) think it is just about the strangest thing in the world. They just can't wrap their mind around it. Way too out of the box.

    1. I almost always have bananas in the freezer.... :)

      This recipe will be perfect for you then.

  3. hey, this is BRILLIANT. I have a bag of frozen bananas in the freezer!

    1. Brilliant is totally the word. I can't get over how clever and yummy it is. I had some last night!


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