Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Root Simples - Inspiration Thursday

One of the first blogs I started to read was Root Simple.  Erik and Kelly are super inspiring to me.  They are practical and down to earth and driven to be their own boss and live in harmony with their environment and climate.  I recently watched a twenty minute tour of the Root Simple homestead in the midst of urban L.A.
There was so much that was awesome about it.  I could say so much.

But, I will simple say that I loved Kelly's closing remarks about turning the home back into a place of production instead of just a place of consumption and the freedom found there in when you do.  That really resonates with me.  That is what Matt and I are working towards.  We've found such joy and freedom in learning to produce the items that we desire ourselves.  I would never have believed it was possible when we started taking the first baby steps in that direction.

Baking bread is so cost-effective.  Mending is simple.  Canning isn't scary.  Bulk shopping just makes sense. Cycling and walking as transportation provides a daily work-out.  Drying food is a snap. Composting is as easy as you want to make it.

There are so many places to start.


  1. "There are so many places to start." I think for some people that is part of the problem. There are so many places to start and they spend too much time wondering which one to do or trying to do them all.

    1. Good point and I suppose you're right. I meant it as a positive, but I suppose it really could be just the opposite--all that much more overwhelming for lack of a single starting place. Its such an empowering thought for me though. One can start anywhere, with any little step and build and build. But, I too can still struggle with it. I want to become a better knitter so that I can confidently make things besides wash cloths. I want to keep chickens in the garden. I want to learn more about drying foods for preservation instead of just canning and freezing. There are so many places to CONTINUE, too.


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