Friday, July 5, 2013

No Rhyme or Reason

Sometimes thoughts and photos just don't seem to fit or require their own post and so I am just combining them together here in all their random, unconnected glory.
Matt verifying a word played in the dictionary during a Scrabble match.  Date unknown.
We found this house which was built around the boulders beneath the rimrocks north of our house.  It was pretty crazy cool looking, I thought.--a rather unique front yard.   But, I am still not so sure I'd want to live right under the rims like that.  Date Unknown.
 Music making at a spring party at Dave and JoJeans's.  3/29/2013
I learned that I have two friends who fear and dislike all birds.  This baffles me, the bird lover, I must say.   I guess I can see being afraid of a bald eagle or a turkey vulture or something, but robins, sparrows, and the little ones...really?!  Of course, you could send me into a slow retreat with a big enough spider even though I know they are so small in comparison with guess fear doesn't have to be rational.  Actually, I suppose that it frequently is not.  Still, its not like there are poisonous birds.  I have been bitten by a turkey vulture though and it did hurt quite a bit.
Water droplets as Matt waters the garden.  Date unknown.
Ryan, Matt, and Adam during Adam's last visit up north.  5/20/2013
My variegated, striped, pink roses.   6/26/2013
I rode my bicycle ten miles last Wednesday because I had a dentist appointment downtown.  When I mentioned this at the dentist's office you'd have thought I had said I had cycled to the moon.  Both of the hygienists and the dentist were shocked (but agreed it was a good way to get daily exercise).  "Really?!  That far?!"  But, it wasn't any where near the 238,900 miles to the moon.  It was actually just like 35 blocks or so.  But, I suppose, it is about double the distance I normally cover in an average day. Five years ago I would have been shocked, too.  I can remember when I thought a mile was a long walk.
The Parks Department has been working to clear out some invasive Russian Olive trees along the river.  The remaining stumps revealed some pretty cool tree rings.  3/30/2013
Matt hamming it up as I tested out the new camera.  Late April 2013.
I noticed my friend Lisa's dog had alternating colors of toe nails which I thought was pretty interesting.  5/1/2013
I am fascinated by the different variations of spirituality in this world.  It is probably my most common genre of reading and study.  I feel it helps me understand myself and my relationship with the divine better.  It also helps me better understand and relate to all the different kind of folks those whom I share this world with.  If I had it to do over again I would study religion and philosophy at university.  And then maybe I could have gotten a job at that new philosophy factory that just opened up down the street.  Okay, I kid, I kid about that last part.  But, I really do enjoy spiritual study and journeys.  That part is 100% true.
Playing Banagrams with friends at our Spring Equinox gathering.  3/21/2013
A crazy pile of ants in the grass.  Date unknown.
The handmade honey pot (left) which I traded a tie-dye for at our first vending gig of the year.   I came home from work and Matt had this little tea basket all set up for me.  4/8/2013
I think mending is fabulous.  I wish more people would wear patches with pride.  Its so smart and can offer a chance for great creativity, too.  I even mended my underpants not too long ago.  Yup, I am that much of a tightwad, er, I mean I am just that thrifty.  I can't imagine feeling like I had no choice but to toss a garment when I ripped it.  I am too hard on my clothing for that!!
 Fruition String Band performance at Yellowstone Valley Brewing Co. 4/4/12
A fried tofu sandwich on fresh bread during a visit to Yellowstone.  5/30/2013
Observing plants on a walk at Riverfront Park.  3/30/2013
I was with a couple of people who were involved in a lengthy conversation about characters on a television show I'd never heard of before.  It made me realize how much I've changed.  I used to watch hours and hours of TV every week (sometimes every day!).  Now I find myself wondering where people find time in their day to watch so much TV.  I just don't have the time.  Or, I suppose that I do, but I'd rather be sewing, camping, walking, birding, reading, talking, gardening, cooking, eating, playing, swimming, knitting, drawing, mending, writing, you know, or whatever.  So, I guess I just don't make the time anymore.  Its weird to realize that.
Postcards I made from a torn, old topographic map of Colorado and stickers I got at a clothes swap.  5/5/2013
A wee little bunny on campus.  They are all over campus. 6/26/2013
Genoa, Matt, and Jermo hooping and dancing to some bluegrass.  6/29/2013
I was again struck by how much I actually like to do the laundry this week as I pulled sun-warmed clothing from the line.  I find it pleasant.  It all started when we opted to stop using the dryer.  It so fascinating to me how often one rather insignificant change leads to another and another.  Its not just a change of behavior.  Its a change of mind.  Its amazing.  If I hadn't experienced it personally I would never have believed it.


  1. Happy photos. There is a tendency to take photographs at "important moments" in life. I am rubbish at that because I am usually too busy enjoying the "important moment" So we have albums of unimportant moments. Which is what makes up 99% of our lives anyway. They are much thumbed so I think they are loved.

    1. That is so true! Fantastic point. I also tend to enjoy the spontaneous random moment photos more than the typically more posed "important" photos.

  2. Nice post! So many things to comment on, and your pictures are wonderful. I do like the house with the boulder in the front yard, and I also noticed the steps in the middle of the driveway - way cool! Definitely like the post cards from the old topog map. I can relate to how making one change snowballs into making several for-the-better changes. Cheers!

    1. I thought those mid-drive steps were pretty cool, too. It was rather neat how it all seemed built around that boulder. I was so pleased with the topo postcards. Some creative ideas don't come out at hoped or envisioned, but they were just what I'd wanted.

      I find the idea of snowballing change to be so empowering. It builds of it own momentum almost.

  3. Wonderful post! Loved all the varied photo's . Isn't it strange how we "collect" those shots?

    1. And oh, what a collector I am! Thanks and have a great day, Becky!

  4. With the boulder-in-yard house, I'd be wondering, ah, where did that boulder come from to begin with? Lots of good music this summer--also looking forward to our International Folk Fest this week. Enjoy summer!

    1. I saw a photo on facebook that you took of the Mountain Moonshine. Looked like fun once again. And once again I didn't make it. I was reading through a pamphlet about it and really regretting it. But, we're going to Glacier the year as our week off and I am sure that will be a good compensation. Seriously though...I need to mark my calender for next year right now.


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