Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Downpour

Flooded beds.
We got more than an inch of rain at our place in less than 45 minutes.  It was wild.
Pepper plants taking a little swim.
I left the library on my bicycle and it looked a bit stormy.  By the time I got home it was a downpour.  I was thoroughly drenched and splashing through bigger and bigger puddles.  It was pretty remarkable, I must say.  Its only a 15 minute ride.
Water flowing in from the neighbors.
And then we noticed there was a "river" flowing out of our neighbors back yard and into ours.  There was several inches of standing water in the grass and the newest of our garden beds.  The planks of wood that normally mark the edge of the beds floated off into the middle.
Water, water everywhere.
It soaked up soon enough after the deluge ceased.  I guess everything got a real nice good drink.  I, myself, would have preferred a nice slow drizzle that lasted the night through.  But....


  1. Been there and have the rain sodden tee shirt. Glad your flood didn't do too much damage.

  2. Hi! Here in Southeast Michigan (for the past month), we’ve been having the same type of downpours and I’m duly concerned… to the point where I’ve blogged about it. True this just could be some random freaky weather pattern, but what if it isn’t? Might planet Earth be giving us some warning signs that Global Warming is real… as in... a real danger to the survival of humankind?

    1. Before I started cycling as transportation and being an urban homesteader type I never really paid attention to the weather too much. But, since I have been the weather sure seems pretty abnormally extreme, especially compared with historic records. Which I do find unsettling and alarming. Very much so. I think it should be a wake up call to pay more attention to our relationship with the natural world. Time will tell if it is.

  3. I was at a farmer market tonight and one farm couple said they've lost 80% of there crops this year due to the unusually wet summer we are having. There is a lot of talk about this strange prolonged weather pattern.

    1. Very strange indeed. And wow....80% is huge. Scary huge. I do hope the farmers are able to replant or make it through some other way. We've had the most challenging garden year yet. I am sure it cannot all be pinned on weather, but our plant failures seem notably high and we're not doing anything different really.


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