Golden and Red

We picked our very first homegrown raspberries on July 10th.  They were small and succulent and red and we gobbled them up without bothering to weigh them.  There were only a few, but they were magical.  They were followed on July 14th by our first golden raspberries--oddly yellow, but equally juicy and wonderful.

I don't really notice much of a difference in how they taste--red versus golden.  Matt and his brother Ryan seem to, but they just taste like raspberries to me.  Of course, with the exception of honeycrisps I think all apples taste pretty much the same, too.  I just like fruit.  My palate is not that discerning it seems.  Just give me fruit!

We didn't really expect too much of our canes as this was their first year of production.  But, we've been pleasantly surprised.  We pick what we assume will be the last ones and then days later find even more.  Its nice when things exceed expectations.  I can't even imagine how many we will have several years from now as our bed matures and fills out.  Oh, how I look forward to that.  To the days when we will have enough that it seems worthwhile to bring them inside and weigh them instead of just gobbling them directly off the plant.

Someday I want to make raspberry jam.  I love it.  Matt and I both have fond childhood memories of eating homemade raspberry jam.  Its the best.  And while raspberries are magnificent and my favorite of all berries I wouldn't be surprised if nostalgia is part of the reason we both hold raspberry jam in such high esteem.  Someday....
Back in May when the canes were just starting to leaf out.  5/2/2013
They leafed out pretty rapidly, too.  5/19/2013
The very first golden raspberries to ripen.  7/14/2013
Picking berries with my niece.  7/18/2013


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