They Love Each Other

"Merry run around, sailing up and down
Looking for a shove in some direction
Got it from the top, it's nothing you can stop
Lord, you know they made a fine connection
They love each other, Lord you can see it's true
Lord you can see it's true, Lord you can see it's true"

Our first dance as a married couple--eight years ago today--was to the Grateful Dead's They Love Each Other.  Matt and I are so darn stoked to be dancing through this life together.  If anything, I think we enjoy it more and more with each passing year together.  We sure lucked out. We sure are blessed.  And we know it.  We even got to dance to Phil Lesh playing it live on an absolutely perfect evening in the mountains this past weekend.  What a terrific anniversary gift that was!

Photo credit to the incredibly talented and delightful Jeffrey from Neubauer Media.


  1. What a great photo! And great couple. So happy to see your wonderful partnership and joy in each other. Very inspiring!

  2. Hi Beth,
    ...that is just so very sweet...I love the new banner...and the link to your wedding...that was so beautiful...and I love happy marriage stories in general...
    ~Have a lovely day!

    1. Many thanks, T! Hooray for love and happy marriages!

  3. Happy Anniversary to you & Matt! Such a lovely, happy photo.


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