We Keep Super Glue in the Freezer

Johnny mid-lick.  4/26/2022

We use super glue to attach Johnny's nail caps.  It is basically the only time we use it though so it is quite sporadic.  The bottles of glue were forever sealing themselves shut in between uses.  It was such a waste.  Years back someone told us to try keeping it in the freezer.  We did and there has been no looking back.  

The glue doesn't freeze solid and is ready for use immediately upon being removed from the freezer.  Yet something about the cooler temps keeps it from sealing the nozzle tip closed.  For the first couple of years we kept a tube of super glue in a plastic freezer bag.  These days we buy a brand that comes in a handy outer sleeve for even easier storage and use.  

It is a handy little trick that allows us to use the entire tube of super glue!  Hooray for reducing glue waste!
Johnny is a firm believe in the If-I-Fit-I-Sit philosophy.  As a consequence she really enjoys our board game nights.  Here she is wedged into the lid of Sagrada. 2/20/2022


  1. That's a great tip for super glue! The waste always irks me. Thank you.

  2. Hi Beth,
    ....what a good idea...I don't use much super glue either...and it would be great to have it at the ready when I do need it...thanks!
    ~Have a lovely day!
    ps...what a cute kitty!

    1. She's such a sweetheart, too. Good looks AND personality! :)

  3. I'm always glad to spread the word about a handy tip!


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