Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Simple, Green Skirt (for Twirling!)

I completed my first solo sewing project-- a simple, olive green skirt.
Nah, that isn't quite accurate.  Rather, it started out solo and then I had to enlist the help of my mother at the end.  Really though she just had to tell me to stop being a dummy (my words, not hers) and just thread my machine right.  I thought I had been, but I guess that shows I need to read more carefully!  Ah, blessed be the simple solution.

In the end it was a blessing in disguise for me to need assistance.  I took my machine and my project up to my mother's for her birthday and we had such a great time bonding and sewing all day.  She also taught me several tips and tricks that I probably would have figured out at some point, but saved me the heart-aches and frustration that would have come with learning the lesson on my own.  We agreed that we should get together for sewing more often.  When I was crying over my (improperly threaded) machine and couldn't figure out what was wrong I had lamented to Matt that I needed someone to teach me...that this is why girls learned this from their mothers...turns out with a bit of travel I could still have that with my mama.  I am excited by the prospect.

Back to the skirt:  It is something like velvet, but not velvet, I believe its called microfiber.  It was given to me for free so I figured it was a great thing to start out on.  Even if I failed, I wasn't out anything.   Because of its weight and fullness it is a great twirling skirt.  For my first attempt I am super happy with it.
This was my attempt to capture a twirl.  I enjoy that my hair is flying back as well.  It is finally getting longer!

I have been wanting to start sewing for some time now.  It is one of the homesteading skills I strongly desire to have.  Up until this point I had only done mending of store-bought garments, but I really want to create my own.

The hurdle I encountered is that I know absolutely nothing about it so I was intimidated into putting it off and putting it off and putting it off.  That doesn't make much sense though as I will NEVER learn how to do it that way!  I have noticed this habit in myself.  If I feel that I don't know what I am doing and am scared to "screw it up" I just don't do it.  As I mentioned, this is a terrible attitude that keeps me from just jumping right in!  You never know until you try, but I am, for whatever reason, hesitant to just try!  This is a trait I will slowly remove from myself.  I want to be the kind that just goes for it and learns for mistakes that result.  It is better than not making mistakes and not learning how.

I am going to make a miniature version of this skirt for my darling niece as I have a lot of the fabric leftover.


  1. I so relate to putting off things that you don't know how to do. I am loathe to try things that I don't know I'll be good at and if I'm not good at it pretty quickly I'll never do it again. I shall try to emulate your new attitude.

  2. You are very smart to start with free fabric. When I am nervous about a new sewing direction, I try to use free stuff first :)
    I am a relatively new seamstress, but I have gradually progressed to more and more advanced projects. I think I might be able to make myself a dress or shirt this spring! Skirts are definitely a good way to start - and they feel so good on, no? Your skirt is lovely - color, swing, and thrifty.

  3. Thanks Margo! I was just going on to Matt last night at dinner (as I was wearing the new skirt) about how much I adore this skirt. It hangs and feels just right and the fact I made it myself I am sure factors into the equation. I am totally a new seamstress, but I think I am already hooked! I have since made the skirt for my niece and started another for myself as well as a little cap from the same fabric. The cap was my first attempt at making my own pattern. I guess I was feeling brave...

  4. I use my Mom's old sewing machine (from '71!!) for all of my projects, and just the knowledge that it was hers & has seen so many project helps out with motivation.

    When I began sewing, I started out with modifications rather than whole new garments. I'm planning on making a little cobbler for myself for the garden this year; it will be my first whole new garment! :)

  5. That is a very sweet little connection to your history, Darci. Good luck as you embark on the creation of whole garments. Just this morning I was thinking that I am going to try modifying several of my storeboughts. I've never really given that a try so, here goes!


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