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The recycling workroom is overfull and needs sorted and is badly in need of being hauled off.  This always happens over school breaks when the work-study students are gone, and I think perhaps our recyclers lost a little gusto even before the semesters end.  Oh well, it is a mostly thankless and disgusting job so I can hardly blame them. We finally hired some new recyclers, whom, *crosses fingers,* seem like they will work out well.  Here is hoping!

I went around to the campus buildings updating our VERY out-of-date list of recycling bin locations.  I was also trying to list all the garbage cans that didn't have a recycling bin beside it, which was harder than I expected or hoped.  One of our recycling goals is to get a blue bin next to each and every garbage can.  Oh, boy, do we have a lot of work to do!!  I put out all the recycling bins we have, but we need many, many more that we do not have.  I wonder what our budget looks like....

I would have never expected my library job to also be part-time recycling coordinator.  But, I am happy to help in any way I can.

The This Is On My Mind concept come from  Rhonda on her Down to Earth blog.

I just read her introduction to the On My Mind a little more closely and see now that I was to post something that was on my mind around the house...not at work.  Oh well, it was my first time!  :)


  1. It's fine Beth. Being part of it is what counts. I hope you get someone to help with that job. Better recycled than "thrown out".

  2. Here's a new book that even tells you where those recyclable materials go:

    Where Do Recyclable Materials Go? by Sabbithry Persad



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