Hawk vs. Sparrow

Tuesday is my day to work 1pm to 9pm.  I love it because I have so much time to run errands and do things in the morning time, even if the only thing I do is hang out with Matt.  I look forward to it each week. 

Today Matt and I were working on tie-dye.  On one of many passes through the kitchen I noticed a small hawk (sharp shinned hawk to be specific) sitting in the bird bush outside my kitchen window.  Permit me to explain the bird bush:  I have a feeder near a lilac bush right outside my kitchen window.  There are anywhere from 10 to 50 sparrows in the bush on any given day.  It is super cool because you don't usually get to be only a few feet from little birds, even if there is a window pane involved. However, usually it is only house sparrows, which cool and amusing as they are, aren't all THAT exciting.  Back to the story: So, needless to say, the hawk thought it had found itself a pretty righteous buffet spot.  Matt and I watched and waited.  The hawk watched and waited.  Sure enough, soon a handful of sparrows come wheeling in over the roof and land in the bush, like they have countless times before no doubt, but this time there is someone waiting for them!  The hawk launched into the bush after a sparrow in a crash feathers and broken twigs  and then disappeared to the ground and out of sight from the window.  With a little craning my neck I peered down to the ground and there was the hawk ripping apart a sparrow in my garden. We tried to creep outside for a more unobstructed view, but the little hawk took off with its lunch in tow. 

It was awesome, exciting, and little bit gross.

And to think, if it had happened on Wednesday I would have missed the whole thing.


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