Tuesday's Three Thoughts

My three recurring thoughts of the day:
1.  Man, I am jazzed to see Furthur....and it is so soon!  I was listening to the New Year's Eve show earlier today and dancing around the living room.  They sound better then ever!  Oh, the excitement!

2. I am hooked on bread and would love to live on a 100%bread/cracker/bun/biscuit diet if I thought it was at all close to reasonable.  It is not.  So I don't.  But some days it is a struggle....like today.  I am participating in a wellness program with my mother and sisters and one of the consequences of my participation is that I have been logging what I eat.  The bread thing was sort of startling. 

3.  I wish I could quit my job and be a housewife/homesteader.  This is not to say that I don't like my job.  I do.  And health benefits are nothing to scoff at these days.  Still, I find homesteading/household work much more personally satisfying and meaningful for the most part and by working a regular job I am less able to do all the household stuff I want.  Whatever...all in good time.


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