Cutest, Brightest Clothesline Ever

We have a big wave of tie-dye vending gigs on the horizon so Matt has been pretty busy getting us all stocked up.  He did a batch of baby onsies and as I hung them on the line I had to keep smiling at them.  It struck me as the cutest, brightest clothesline I'd ever seen.   


  1. Gorgeous. Just love those onesies. How much do you sell them for?


  2. Eek! Adorable! I have a similar one for my growing babe, a hand-me-down, but it is just too cute. Nobody will be able to resist - hope Matt made lots of extras :)

    1. Aw, thanks! There is some law in the universe about how when things shrink down they get cuter and cuter. Thus, I think children's tie-dye are cuter than adults and baby tie-dye the cutest of all!


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