Eat a Peach (Tomato)

We are very, very happy with our tomato patch.  The cages we made have even exceeded our expectations.  The varieties we are growing are delightful and productive.  We already have a freezer full of tomatoes waiting for us to find a spare moment to transform them into pint jars of tomato juice and sauce.  The salsas and sauces we've made have been of outstanding flavor.  We're just all around happy about it.
Peach tomatoes.

One of the more delightful varieties we grew this year are called Peach tomatoes.  They are rather small and the most lovely pale yellow color.  They have just the slightest layer of fuzz on them, just like a peach.  They are so neat-o.
Matt says "Eat a peach!"
We're also growing Mountain Boys, Earliest Paste, Old German, Roma, Black Krim, Cherokee Purple, and Tangerine. 
Matt admiring a Black Krim.
A couple handfuls of Peach tomatoes.
So far the only variety that we've not gotten to sample this year is the Cherokee Purple.  They are taking their sweet time to ripen.  Boy is that plant LOADED when in finally does start to ripen though! 
Left, Peach tomato.  Right, Tangerine tomato.
The Tangerine tomatoes are another really neat variety.  They are so golden as to not look at all like a tomato to me.  They remind me more of a persimmon.  They taste like a tomato though!
Last week we made a pasta sauce that had five different varieties in it!  How fun is that!?  This week we're going to make an all yellow tomato sauce.  I bet that is neat, too!  There are so many cool varieties out there it is hard to choose what to grow.  Thus it seems every year we end up with something new and fuzzy peach tomatoes. 


  1. oh you are so blessed! The squirrels got most of our tomatoes. You have some very very pretty tomatoes.

    1. People have told me such horror stories about the menace of squirrels both in the garden and at bird feeders. I am indeed blessed to have never had any bit of trouble from them.

      We made the yellow sauce this morning. It is SO beautiful.

  2. Awesome! I am glad you are getting such abundance. I love the look of the tangerine tomato.

    1. Thanks!

      They ARE shockingly yellow. Its really hard to believe. When we cooked down the yellow tomatoes into a sauce it looked like cooked squash. Tastes just like a yummy tomato though. Its crazy. Gardening is so fun. I've never seen a tomato like THAT at the store!


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