The Universal Dance

I think I've made my feelings on dancing pretty clear.  It is one of my most dear past times and thrills in me the recreational, the creative, and the spiritual.

So with that said, check out this superb video of dancing around the world which was sent to me by my great-aunt Mary Ann.
I liked the line from the song that goes, "We are all glowing embers of a distant fire."

 Smiles, Music, Laughter, Dancing.  These things are universal


  1. LOVE dancing to make our spirits free!! ~~Blessings~~

  2. That was a fun video. I like the other video about "how did Matt get people to dance with him."

    The video of him dancing with his child was scary because it could have harmed his child with shaken baby syndrome!

    I have loved to dance since I was about eight-years-old. At least, that is when I participated in dance as dance. 4-H taught me

    When do you use your dancing cape now?

    1. I will be breaking the cape out this weekend actually!

  3. I am with you on the sheer joy and human cultural dimensions of dancing. Great video!

    1. I watched it a couple times so I could look at the individual dancers more. There is so much to see in every frame. It is such a neat idea and everyone looks completely joyful....except that guy with the shopping bag on the bridge in Hong Kong (3:17). He looks like he is checking his watch. : )

      The moves are all different and yet so much the same, and done in the same spirit. I thought its was a pretty great video indeed.


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