River City Roots Reggae

"Love and care for the people around you and take care of the place where you live and that's all!  If everyone does that than we will all be good." - Clinton Fearon

Every year we go to the River City Roots Festival in Missoula, MT.  Its free and its really fun.  The city closes some of the streets and there is a regular ol' street dance down there with live music pretty much all day long.  This year was especially awesome for me because I got to see Clinton Fearon and the Boogie Brown Band.  My brother-in-law, Alex, plays bass as part of the Boogie Brown. 

Clinton Fearon is someone that is well known in the reggae world, but to most people I mention him to I get a blank look.  "Clinton who?"

Clinton is a musical and spiritual giant.  He creates songs of such absolute positivity and radiant love that it blows me away.  I've always found listening to a Clinton show is like going to church.  You walk away filling the Spirit, filling love for all of God's creation, feeling compassion and justice driving you to be better, do better.  The band the backs him is also incredible--keys, horns, hand drums, guitar, and the bass the drives that bouncing, groovy rhythm, which just happens to be my dear brother-in-law. 

My mom and her husband came over for the show as well which was the cherry on top.  I've never been to a concert with my mom before.  The musical scene is such an important part of my life that it was pretty fabulous to get to share that with her.  She is so musical.  I am sure that is where I got my singing and guitar playing from.  We danced together and it was oh so much fun!  I'd never really expected that to happen, I guess.  She was pretty amazed by it I think.  She asked what about the music it was that made everyone dance.  She was surprised by the fact that a large section of the audience was older than me, more in her age bracket.  I don't think she'd expected that.  It was totally wonderful to get that experience with my mama.

Clinton and the Boogie Brown played many of my favorites as well as a bunch I'd never heard.  Matt had never seen them live before so most of the tunes were new for him as we only have a couple Clinton CDs.    I love the beauty and positive message that flows forth from this music.  It resonates in my being.  At one point between songs Clinton introduced himself and the band.  He said that many of us many not know what he "was all about."  He said he was about love, unity, understanding, hope, justice.  Living the life you love and loving the life you live.  Those values all shine through in the words and melodies the band creates, too.  It is absolutely uplifting.  Soul-soaring.  Not to mention FUN!

Here are two of my favorites which they played at River City Roots, though the videos are actually from France, along with some excerpts from the lyrics:
 "....In the light there's no darkness
So why not live the life we love
And love the life, the life we live
 Live the life we love!

.....Hey changes! Changes!
Yes and everyone a-run come look.
Yes, oh yes, we've got changes, changes, changes....

....Naturally nature is calling and
I hope that you're willing
To live and let's live

Naturally a true sense of freedom
With no referendum
Just live and let's live.  Let's live...

This is a vision.
This is a vision.
This is a vision.
 .... I vision a sweeter, a brighter tomorrow!"
  Feel the Spirit 
"...I can feel the spirit deep inside of me
and how about you?! Oh, yes I can feel it!
Yes I can feel the spirit deep inside of me
and how about you?!  Oh, yes I can feel it....
 ....the music is sweet.  It's sweeter than wine.
Yes it got me feelin' so fine."

"My vision is for a brighter, sweeter tomorrow, starting with myself." - Clinton Fearon


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