The Runner Sled

I had never ridden a runner sled before yesterday, at least that I recall.  And, as such, I had no idea what fun I'd been missing.
The runner sled experience is vastly, vastly superior to the plastic saucer sleds that I am used to.  The runners slice through the snow sending me flying downhill with delightful speed--even inducing me to let out a few shrieks of astonished joy.  The ability to steer prolongs the downhill glide and adds to the adventure, especially if you're the type that likes to launch off jumps built up in the snow--which Matt most certainly is.  It is also great for riding double.  Matt said he can remember when all three of the boys could ride together.
That would be Matt at center flying face-first down one of the sledding hills.
See, the runner sled belongs to Matt's folks.  Matt's dad mentioned some time ago that he'd repaired the broken wood on it--broken most likely from three boys repeatedly going off jumps.  Ever since it was brought up Matt has been dying to give it a go.  It was clearly an object associated in his memory with a jolly good time.  This recent spell of winter weather served up just the right opportunity for sledding.  The snow is thick and it is above zero on the thermometer again, too.  So, Matt picked me up after work and we went to the park.  There were several others seizing the last bit of daylight for a chance to glide down the hill.  It was splendid to sled in the purple twilight with the brilliance of the white snow reflecting the dying light.
I like that you can see how snowy Matt's pants are in this photo.  My skirt was equally powdery.  You can also tell how dark it is getting.
As we returned to the car with Matt pulling the sled behind him he remarked that it was just as fun as he remembered.   It nice when that happens.  I thought it was pretty darn fun myself.


  1. So glad you had such fun!


    Mom S.

  2. You wore a skirt to go sledding? I hope you had on warm tights or something.

    1. I wear a skirt to do everything! : )

      In the wintertime I typically wear cuddle duds (silken long underwear) under my skirts. For sledding I also double up skirts for an extra layer of protection.


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